Enrichment Sessions

Cognitively Based Compassion Training

Session Leader: Leslie Langbert, MSW, RYT500

Cultivating Compassion as Self-Care: Foundations, Practice, and Research Findings from Cognitively Based Compassion Training. The emotional, physical, and spiritual demands of the caring and health professions are significant. In this session, we explore the systematic cultivation of compassion as a means to alleviate stress and support the helping professional to mitigate the risk of burnout. An overview of Cognitively Based Compassion Training (CBCT), a secular analytical meditation practice, will be presented, along with research findings regarding the promise of CBCT to support health and wellness. Participants will have an opportunity to experience a brief guided meditation to begin to explore the foundations of CBCT.

Herbal Remedies of the Sonoran Desert

Session Leader: Lane P. Johnson, MD MPH

A significant number of medications have herbal “roots.”  This brief (1 ½ hours)  ramble through the desert around Ventana Canyon will provide an overview of plants in the Sonoran Desert ecosystem that have been used as remedies; their indications for use, relationships to the current pharmacopeia, and potential adverse effects and interactions.  The walk will be about a mile in length. Sturdy walking shoes, supplemental water, and rattlesnake repellant are recommended.


Session Leader: Gail Koshland, MA, PhD

Enhance your experience at WGEA by joining in a mind-body experience of a Pilates class.  You will be guided in a series of mat, kneeling, standing exercises to focus on core, control, concentration, balance, and breathing.  Explanations for the physiology of exercise underlying some of the movements and principles will be interjected to further enhance your experience.  All levels are welcome.